In the consumer’s perception, a brand image of Vinaphone is less dynamic and vibrant than its competitors. The brand has approached social media before, howerver, their social marketing activities are ;ack of explicit communication objectives and creativity in attracting the young target public’s interaction.


How do we assist Vinaphone to create a dynamic and friendly image according with the young target audience? How do we exploit social media as a chanel that the brand can approach and create a relationship with the potential customer? Vinaphone has 3 main kinds of services, which are mobile telecommunication provider, MYTV television provier and internet access provider with different brand names. How do Vinaphone diferentiate their brand from others on social media?


We aim to build a friendlier image for Vinaphone in order to communicate easier with consumers, as a result, a concept of Connectio Crew (BIỆT ĐỘI KẾT NỐI KHÔNG GIỚI HẠN) was born. Connectio Crew consists of 3 members representing for 3 main kinds of services of Vinaphone MR.MOBILE: represents for the Mobile Telecommunication service. MR.MYTV: represents for MYTV – The Television service. MS.INTERNET: represents for the internet access service. The representative of each service is the one presenting their service and its message then interacting with the target customer of that service. The crew together appears in pieces of creative content in order to SPREAD OUT THE GENERAL BRAND MESSAGE of Vinaphone.


Our ENGAGEMENT RATE IS VERY HIGH: 10-12% over total of reach ~3.200.000 organic reach for all created stories ~356.000 organic engagements for all of stories we made (1.142 engagement per content piece in average) Our BRAND IMAGE has been MORE FRIENDLY, ACTIVE and GET CLOSE to TARGET AUDIENCE daily