The only blood circulation medicine inherits and develops research project for state level. “Hoat Huyet CM3” brand of Phuc Vinh Pharmaceutical Company is a safe, effective and non-side effects, which is believed by many people over the past 30 years. The brand has never conducted digital communication, channel information and two-way interaction, with the limited number of customers . Therefore, the level of brand identity and favorite target audience with CM3 is relatively low.


How can we support the “Hoat Huyet CM3” to build a prestigious brand image, close to the target customers? How to build an ecosystem on Digital Marketing to reach the maximum and create a good relationship with potential customers?


We need to redefine the target audience, unify the concept and message to implement synchronization across all channels with two main directions:

1. Build brand image Building a fanpage https://www.facebook.com/hoathuyetcm3/ to become the main channel for providing information and two-way interaction with potential customers. Online event: A busy life sometimes makes people not to care about the health of our parents, we have helped the “Hoat huyet CM3” make viral clip and a platform http://chuhieuvang.duocphucvinh.com / to encourage people to share pictures and touching stories about their parents / grandparents with a message “Chu hieu khong doi ngay “.

2. Promote products Online counseling with specialists: Answer questions about pathology – products of the target customers Real-life: Evidence of the patient’s actual use of the product Advertising tools: Google ad; PR; Forum seeding



~ 2,000,000 reach

~ 900,000 engagement for the content on the fanpage (E / R of the content: 10-12%; E / R of the special content: 15 – 40%)

~ 500,000 views for TVC on Facebook & Youtube

ONLINE EVENT: ~ 600,000 view; ~ 1,500 shares for viral clip http://bit.ly/2frF3Na ~ 815 stories have been shared ~ 10,000 GDN

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