Feminine hygiene solution Da Huong of Hoa Linh Co., Ltd is the only women’s hygiene product that is researched and certified for safety by the Central Maternity Hospital. As a leading product in the women’s health care industry, Da Huong uses social media as a mean of consolidating the brand’s position, while increasing the public’s sense of purpose for the brand.


In addition to constantly striving to develop the most safe and effective health care products, Da Huong also wishes to be a companion in life, brings joy and happiness for your family’s marriage. Specifically, the goal of the brand is: Continuing its position as the No. 1 in the line of women’s hygiene products Emotional branding – branding with emotional value – companionship with women in the journey to keep the couple happy, husband and wife


Building a Facebook page of Da Huong with the message: “Da Huong with the mission of companion and bring health, confidence, attractive for women in East Asia – is the inspiration for helping women become more confident to keep happiness” This strategy is exploited with many different aspects of social media activities and products, for specific: Weekly Content: The weekly content series revolves around keeping the happy couple, the conjugal happiness of the women, knitting is the content of the product. Special Content: Special programs aim to create and maintain engagement to members of the fanpage as well as the brand: mini games, monthly “Active Members”, consulting program about physiology health for women and marriage life, Event “Dẫn lời ca khúc – Gửi lời yêu thương”, “Hát cùng Dạ Hương”…


It attracted 112,349 fans (page authors), an increase of 1.8% compared to 3rd Quarter/ 2016. With 66 posts within 12 weeks, the total number of Facebook users on fanpage Da Huong reached 1,942,270 people. Of which, the total number of hits is 167,117 (likes, share, comment), corresponding to an E/R ratio of 8.6%. On March 8th, “Dẫn lời ca khúc – Gửi lời yêu thương” reached over 200,000 people and attracted more than 2,000 entries with nearly 13,000 shares, ranking 4th in the top 10 campaigns which are most discussed on Social Media on the occasion of The March 8th Women’s International Day (YouNet Media)