Kichi Kichi Hot Pot Bar is one of the major brands of Golden Gate Group. The Group also owns many famous food brands such as Ashima Mushroom Hot Pot, Sumo BBQ… Now Kichi Kichi has over 20 locations distributed in the biggest cities in Vietnam.


The brand asked us to let target public know that Kichi Kichi is going to add more delicious Australian beef to their menu.


Our Big Idea was then coming up with a fictional story. It started with the missing of almost all of Australia cows & beef all over the world within just one night. This drove all countries nuts. A law enforcement organization took the responsibility to solve the case and sent a challenging message to the world. A cute and brave Chef of Kichi Kichi immediately transformed into an intelligent knight to save the world from this disaster. To told the story, we created an animated 2D clip named “Australian Beef Agent” and made it gone viral from Youtube http://bit.ly/TkIjsG After 2 weeks airing the clip, we start a gaming contest “Australian Beef Agent” on official fan page of Kichi Kichi. The game was developed by Mix Digital team in Mario concept that required players to passing through obstacles, killing enemy and driving a truck to take Aust beef back to Kichi Kichi restaurant. We also reached celebrities Chi Pu, Quynh Anh Shyn, Andrea, Dua Leo to get the program more amplified. We asked the celebrities to play the game and posting their thoughts to timeline. Thereafter, we invited them to experience brand’s new service & they shared their feeling back to Facebook timeline. The program was supported by Facebook Ads, online banner ads and PR articles.


Here are our achivements after 7 weeks of running:

– 3225 people played “Australian Beef Mission” game

– Teasing clip got 10.000 views

– Kichi Kichi’s Facebook fan page gained over 8000 new fans

– Average page engagement rate: 1.4% (by Social Bakers on 23-Dec, normal figure is 1%)