About the brand

Duong Can Linh is a popular supplement brand that helps adolescents to clean acne effectively. The target audience is youngers aged from 16 – 25 who are buzzing tremendously on Facebook.


After success of campaign “Tuyet chieu tri mun“, our strategic client Viet Duc Pharma contacted us again for a new campaign allowing the brand highly engages with fans via Duong Can Linh’s Facebook page and introducing the new brand image to large target audience.


This time, we ran a contest named “Seeking an advertising star” on Facebook. In 6 weeks, Facebookers engaged with the brand via the contest app being built by ourself. In the 1st round, they submitted their good-looking photos, asking friends to vote for them. In the 2nd round, 15 excellent faces that were selected from the previous round submitted their own amateur advertising clips to show their talent of acting. At the end, we selected the best candidate, gave to her prize (10.000.000 VND in cash) and an opportunity to be the first time acting in the new TVC of Duong Can Linh.We booked banner ads & PR articles on Kenh14.vn, Zing News and used Facebook Ads types to amplify the contest.


Below is what we got after 7 weeks of running the campaign:- 403 people participated the 1st round of contest. They submitted more than 16.000 photos in total.
- Fan base of Duong Can Linh brand page increased 10.000 new fans.
- 1.064.673 target audiences was reached
- 282 posts by our online community manager and we got 11.261 engagement times (number of likes + comments + shares on all posts)
- Average page engagement rate: 1.4% (by Social Bakers Analytics tools)
- By responding 80% questions asked by fans during this campaign, we got Socially Devoted Certificate from Social Bakers in Nov-2012