About the brand

Monte is a nutrition food brand from Germany which is very rich of nutrition for children. It has a good market-share in Vietnam for long time. Moms already chose Monte as one of the best daily nutritional choice for their children.


What the brand requested is to make strong relationship with customer by creating a highly-engaged community via Facebook platform. The key message is “Monte is great as mom and healthy for children”


▪       We understand that mom needs helpful knowledges in taking care their baby, especially in nutrition. That drove us to define a new brand voice for Monte on social media: focusing on nutritional tips on daily basic.

▪       Helpful social content is so attractive to moms. We created, distributed those contents on Facebook and got a lot of engagements as a result. Different than most of other agencies, we dedicated an online community manager solely making conversation with moms around those social posts. We do not talk much about the products, we put what the target public interests at the centre of daily communication.

▪       The content we produced must be not only original but eye-catching, professional looking and emotional. That brings high number of engagements.


▪       The fan page has got 38.400 new fans within 8 months

▪       Average engagement rate: 8,2% (normal figure is 5%)