About the brand Challenges

Launched in 2015, PreIQ is the first Vitamin supplement pills for pregnant women manufactured with an Australian technology and exclusively distributed by Viet Duc Pharmacy.

So how do we increase an awareness in the public that PreIQ is a supplement diatery for pregnant women increasing baby’s intelligence during a period in mother’s womb?



Pregnancy is the gift from nature. It changes women’s life from physiology to psychology. There are a lot of unexpected and strange stories occurred but some are also very humorous and meaningful. Every pregnant woman has her own story.

We help PreIQ create a platform called “1001 pregnancy stories” – “1001 chuyện bầu bí” at http://preiq.vn/1001-chuyen-bau-bi to encourage pregnant women share stories occurred during their pregnant period. The event greatly attracted the target audiences’ attention and response.

We talk about pregnancy stories to the target public in a variety of story-telling forms: 1001 pregnacy stories


More than 100.000 views for videos on Youtube and Facebook

  • ~35.000 GDN clicks
  • ~15.000 engagements for 4 Facebook posts
  • 759 stories shared