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Talkshow: The Advertising Profession In 4.0 Era

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On 8/11, Mix Digital combined with faculty of Marketing of the National Economic University held the talkshow: The advertising profession in 4.0 era. Mr. Ho Trung Dung (CEO Mix Digital Agency) and Mr. Tran Manh Hung (CEO Vinh Thai Communication) shared in detail about Advertising trends in the 4.0 era and characteristics of job positions in the Marketing field on the talkshow with students of NEU university.

Mix Digital with NEU’s students

Mr. Dung, Mr. Hung and The Representative of Marketing of Faculty of NEU university

Mr. Ho Trung Dung speaks on the Talkshow: The Marketing Profession in 4.0 era

Mr. Ho Trung Dung discusses with NEU’s students about the profession advertising

Mr. Tran Manh Hung speaks on the Talkshow: Advertising Trends

The event attracted the interest of many students of the faculty, students from other faculties, schools such as FPT University, University of Commerce,..

Hopefully through this sharing session, the New Marketers are ready to step into the exciting world full of ads!

Happy Advertising!

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