Exciter is a favorite sporty amaza tay motocycle of Yamaha Motor Vietnam. It has a huge community containing more than 50 fan clubs all over Vietnam. The product line – Winner 150 of Honda was launched in the early April 2016 that directly competes with Exciter of Yamaha.


Exciter has a huge amount of loyalty fans but they are pretty “extreme”. Once they fell in love with Exciter, nothing can change and influence their love. We find that in order to affirm the top of mind position in the amaza tay motorcycle segmentation, Exciter must show the absolute loyalty and support of Exciter’s fans to their potential customers. We build a digital platform named #BeLikeEx for Exciter lovers to express their passion and own personality besides their beloved vehicle. By that way, we create a desire in the target consumers of Excitier that encourages them become a true Ex boy/girl. Characteristics of Ex fans are divided into four groups. Participants choose the group matching with his/her personality and share photos with the Excitier displaying their speciality. Free spritied Ex: shares impressive photos from the journey of discovery Romantic Ex: shares romantic moments with their lovers and Exciter Cool Ex: shares photos of Exciter racing in a various ways Humorous Ex: shares creative and joyful photos of Exciter.


~2.700.000 reach for 45 facebook posts

~259.000 engagements

20 – 30 articles in,,,

46.133 GDN clicks

=> 1.126 submissions = 1092 photos + 34 videos

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