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Philanthropy at Thai An Temple – The Moon from the fairy tale

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On Saturday 15th, Mix Digital had a charity work at Thai An temple, where 6 abandoned kids are living with a monk. After crossing a winding road of Bui Xa village, Mix finally reached the destination. The children were so excited to see us. They were eager to open our gifts, precisely made star lantern together, and had a lot of fun playing with Mix Digital. At night, all of them gathered around to enjoy the show The Fairy Tale Moon, which was prepared by Mix. After that, Mr. Ho Trung Dung – Mix Digital’s CEO, represented the company to give gifts and donations to the Monk, who has been taking a very good care of all 6 abandoned children.

Mix Digital would like to thank the generosity and kindness of the donors. Together, we helped the children at Thai An to have a fulfill and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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